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What Types of Weeds Look Like Grass?

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What Is Lawn Scalping and When Should You Do It?

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Why You Should Start Spoon Feeding Your Lawn

We’ll cover products, application rates, and how often to spoon-feed your lawn — including bonus tips on how to make the most of your applications.

What Are the 3 Most Common Lawn Weeds?

Let's explore some of the most common weeds found in the United States in depth — looking at their appearance and preferred growing conditions

How Plant Growth Regulation Can Make Your Lawn Thicker and Greener

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What Are the Best Grass Seed Types and How Long Do They Take to Grow?

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How to Nail Weed Management This Summer

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How to Create Stripes in Your Lawn

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The Best Lawn Fertilizers to Use This Spring

Here, we’ve put together some recommendations on the best fertilizers to use on your lawn this spring.

What Is the Best Soil for Green Lawns?

Here, we'll look at the best types of soil for lawns and explore soil that is suited for growing healthy grass.

What’s the Best Weed Killer Spray for Your Lawn?

Let’s explore the best weed killer sprays on the market, to help you choose the right one for you.