Grass That Rivals the Greens: Golf Course Lawn's Game-Changing Fertilizers

Lawn care enthusiasts and homeowners alike prepare to take your lawns to the next level with the latest innovations in fertilizer from Golf Course Lawn. 

I am thrilled to announce the launch of two groundbreaking fertilizers designed to give you a lush, green lawn that rivals the finest golf courses. These products — crafted through rigorous testing after having perfected on my own lawn — are now available and promise to surpass the performance of any similar products on the market.

The New Stars of Lawn Care

1. Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 Liquid Fertilizer with Kelp and Fulvic Acid


The first in the lineup is the Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 Liquid Fertilizer. This isn't just any fertilizer; it's a meticulously crafted formula that provides a balanced blend of nutrients essential for lawn health. Here's what makes it exceptional:

  • High nitrogen content (20%): Ensures rapid and robust grass growth, giving your lawn that coveted vibrant green color.
  • Phosphorus and potassium (2-3%): These crucial macronutrients support strong root development and overall plant health.
  • Kelp extract: A natural growth stimulant, kelp enhances stress tolerance and promotes deeper root growth.
  • Fulvic acid: This powerful chelating agent improves nutrient uptake, ensuring your lawn gets the maximum benefit from every drop of fertilizer.

This product is set to replace the well-loved Turfplex fertilizer, which was notorious for being difficult to obtain and had frequent shipping issues. What do you do for customers that keep missing out on the product they want? You make your own! But better. By adding fulvic acid and increasing the nutrient content, I created a product that not only meets but exceeds the performance of its predecessor. It really is better in every way.

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2. Golf Course Lawn Micronutrient Blend Liquid Fertilizer


The second product is the Golf Course Lawn Micronutrient Blend Liquid Fertilizer. It's designed to address the often overlooked yet vital micronutrient needs of your lawn:

  • Comprehensive micronutrient profile: Includes essential elements like iron, manganese, zinc, and more, which are crucial for photosynthesis and overall plant health.
  • Easy absorption: The liquid formula ensures that these nutrients are readily available to your lawn, promoting quick green-up and sustained health.
  • Synergistic benefits: When used alongside the 20-2-3 Liquid Fertilizer, this product ensures a balanced and complete nutritional regimen for your grass.

This product was created to replace Nutrisolve, another hard-to-find fertilizer. The Golf Course Lawn Micronutrient Blend Liquid Fertilizer contains the same amounts of the essential elements (chelated iron, manganese, boron, copper, molybdenum, zinc) found in Nutrisolve, but boost kelp content and adds fulvic acid.

Both the 20-2-3 Liquid Fertilizer and Micros Blend Fertilizer can be applied at the rate of 6 oz per 1000 square feet. However, if you use both products together, you can reduce the Micros Blend rate to 3 oz per 1000 square feet because the 20-3-2 already contains many of the nutrients found in the Micros Blend formula.


Safe and Effective with Other Lawn Care Products

Both new products from Golf Course Lawn are completely safe to use alongside other lawn care treatments, such as the Mirimichi Green Carbon Kit and Primo Maxx Growth Regulator products. This flexibility ensures that you can integrate them seamlessly into your existing lawn care routine.

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My Mission to Create the Perfect Lawn Care Products

As the owner of Golf Course Lawn, I have always been driven by a passion for achieving lawn care excellence. Creating the perfect lawn has been a personal mission of mine, leading me to experiment with numerous formulations and try them out on my own turf. I revised these fertilizer formulas until they were perfect and reached my high standards before putting the Golf Course Lawn name on them.

My lawn, which anyone who has seen my videos knows, is my pride and joy. I used it as a testing ground, which is a testament to the effectiveness of these products. If anything went wrong, it happened on my turf, not on yours.

In addition to performance testing, I also evaluated the longevity of these products. After using them on my lawn, I stored the leftover fertilizer ready for the next growing season. I’m thrilled to report that the products remained in excellent condition with no separation, and they worked just as well the following season. This reliability ensures that you can trust these products to maintain their quality over time, providing consistent, outstanding results.

Made by Anderson’s Home and Garden

To bring these superior products to life, I partnered with Anderson’s Home and Garden, a trusted name in the lawn care industry. Their expertise in producing high-quality lawn care products ensures that every bottle meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. This collaboration has been instrumental in delivering the exceptional products that I am proud to offer.

A Year in the Making

The Anderson brand approached me to create my own line of lawn care products. I was honored by their confidence in me, and I eagerly accepted the challenge. The result is a pair of superior fertilizers that truly stand out in the lawn care market.

It took over a year to develop these perfect products — and with dedication and a meticulous approach, I am now totally confident that they do everything Turfplex and Nutrisolve did, but better.

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So, Why Choose Golf Course Lawn's New Products?

In a nutshell, these fertilizers will help your lawn look like a thick, green carpet. If you use both of them together, you can expect even darker green results.

  • Proven performance: I extensively tested and perfected the products myself.
  • Superior ingredients: Enhanced with kelp and fulvic acid for unparalleled results.
  • Comprehensive care: Both macro and micronutrients are covered, ensuring your lawn gets everything it needs to thrive.
  • Trusted manufacturing: Produced by Anderson’s Home and Garden, known for their commitment to quality.

Transform Your Lawn with Golf Course Lawn's New Premium Products

With the launch of the 20-2-3 Liquid Fertilizer and the Micronutrient Blend Liquid Fertilizer, Golf Course Lawn is setting a new standard in lawn care. These products are the culmination of my relentless pursuit of lawn perfection and are poised to transform your lawn into a lush, green paradise. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your lawn the best care possible — experience the Golf Course Lawn difference today.

Visit the Golf Course Lawn Store to purchase these groundbreaking products and see the difference for yourself. Your lawn deserves the best — experience the Golf Course Lawn difference today!