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How to Level a Bumpy Lawn Like a Pro: 7 Simple Steps

Achieving a envy-worthy, golf course-like lawn involves leveling out those bumps. This 7-step guide covers the essentials, from understanding the c...

Lawn Renovation 101: Transform Your Lawn This Spring

Need to give your lawn a total overhaul? Read our spring lawn renovation guide to get you started.

When Should You Apply Weed and Feed?

In this guide, we will explore when and how to apply these essential treatments to ensure your lawn remains healthy and resilient throughout the se...

Which Type of Grass Is My Lawn?

Knowing which type of grass you have will help you tailor your lawn care to its needs. Identify your grass type in our guide.

Lawn Biostimulants for Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care

Read how to take care of your lawn in an eco-friendly way with organic biostimulants like Essential-G, Nutri-Kelp, and more.

Mole Control: How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

To get rid of moles in your lawn, begin by understanding their behavior: identify active pathways and signs of activity and address factors attract...

Which Lawn Weeds Have Yellow Flowers?

Though some yellow lawn weeds may seem charming, they compete with your turf for nutrients, sunlight, and water. Their aggressive spread can overwh...

Which Lawn Weeds Have Purple Flowers?

Read on to learn more about purple-flowered lawn weeds and how to effectively treat specific purple weed infestations.

Which Lawn Weeds Have White Flowers?

Though some white-flowered weeds are pretty, they vie with your lawn turf for essential nutrients, sunlight, and water. Their aggressive spread can...

Dealing With Year-Round Lawn Pests in Florida

To address year-round lawn pests in Florida, implement integrated pest management (IPM) practices. Choose pest-resistant grass varieties. Maintain ...

What Are Pre-emergent Herbicides and When You Should Apply Them?

In this guide, we will detail how pre-emergent weedkillers work and how and when you should apply them. Join us in understanding how they can be a ...

Can You Put Compost on Your Lawn?

Compost is full of nutrients that are essential for healthy turfgrass. Learn the benefits of spreading compost on your lawn here.