What Are the Benefits of Using Liquid Kelp on Your Lawn?

A lush, vibrant lawn is every homeowner's dream, but achieving it requires more than just regular watering and mowing. One secret weapon is liquid kelp fertilizer. Derived from sea kelp, this organic elixir has become a staple in lawn care routines, and for good reason. In this blog, we will delve into the myriad benefits of using liquid kelp on your lawn, exploring its advantages and how to maximize its potential for a healthier, greener yard.

What Is Liquid Kelp?

Liquid kelp, as the name suggests, is a concentrated form of seaweed extract. Harvested from nutrient-rich ocean beds, liquid kelp fertilizer is teeming with essential minerals, growth hormones, and other bioactive compounds that work wonders for plant health. The liquid form ensures easy application and quick absorption by the plants, making it an efficient and convenient choice for lawn care.

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Benefits of Liquid Kelp on Your Lawn

Benefits of Liquid Kelp on Your Lawn

Rich in Nutrients

Liquid kelp fertilizer has a diverse array of essential elements that it extracts from the ocean depths. Seaweed, the primary source of liquid kelp, is a natural reservoir of vital nutrients that plants require for optimal growth. Here's a closer look at why liquid kelp is considered a nutrient powerhouse:

    • Macronutrients: Liquid kelp is a rich source of macronutrients, including nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) — commonly known as NPK. These macronutrients are fundamental for various aspects of plant growth. Nitrogen is crucial for leaf and stem development; phosphorus supports strong root systems, and potassium aids in overall plant health, including disease resistance and stress tolerance.

    • Trace Elements: In addition to the primary macronutrients, liquid kelp contains essential trace elements. These micronutrients include iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese, among others. Even though plants require these in smaller quantities, they play vital roles in enzyme activation, photosynthesis, and various metabolic processes critical for plant vitality.

    • Amino Acids and Proteins: Liquid kelp is a rich source of amino acids and proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are essential for plant cell structure and function. The presence of these organic compounds in liquid kelp contributes to improved plant health, resilience, and the ability to recover from stress.

    • Vitamins and Growth Hormones: Seaweed is a natural source of vitamins such as A, C, E, and various B vitamins. These vitamins contribute to the overall health and vigor of plants. Additionally, liquid kelp contains natural growth hormones like auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins, which act as plant stimulants, promoting cell division, elongation, and overall growth.

    • Carbohydrates and Alginates: Liquid kelp also contains carbohydrates and alginates, which can act as natural chelating agents. Chelation improves the availability of nutrients in the soil, making them more accessible to plants. This ensures efficient nutrient uptake, leading to enhanced plant development.

    • Improved Nutrient Bioavailability: The unique composition of liquid kelp facilitates better nutrient absorption by plants. The organic compounds present in seaweed extract can enhance soil microbial activity, creating a symbiotic relationship between plants and soil microorganisms. This improved microbial activity helps break down nutrients into forms readily available for plants to absorb.

      As you can see, liquid kelp fertilizer's richness in nutrients goes beyond the standard NPK trio, encompassing a broad spectrum of essential elements, organic compounds, and growth-promoting substances. This diverse nutritional profile contributes to the overall health, vigor, and resilience of plants, making liquid kelp an invaluable asset for those seeking a natural and nutrient-dense solution for their lawn care routine.

Stimulates Growth

The growth hormones in liquid kelp act as natural plant stimulants, encouraging root and shoot development. This results in a thicker, more resilient lawn that can withstand environmental stressors like drought or extreme temperatures.

Enhances Soil Structure

The organic compounds in liquid kelp contribute to improved soil structure. They encourage the formation of beneficial microbial activity, which enhances soil aeration and nutrient absorption. This, in turn, promotes a healthier root system and overall plant growth.

Boosts Stress Tolerance

Liquid kelp is known for enhancing a plant's ability to withstand stress from weather fluctuations, pests, or diseases. By fortifying your lawn with this natural fertilizer, you're essentially arming it with the tools to thrive in challenging conditions.

Environmental Sustainability

Liquid kelp is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers. Harvesting seaweed does not deplete natural resources, and its use reduces the reliance on chemical-based products that may harm the environment. This makes liquid kelp a sustainable choice for conscientious gardeners.



Nutri-Kelp: Optimizing Absorption with NanoRelease™ Technology



Not all liquid kelp fertilizers are created equal. Nutri-Kelp™ is 100% cold-processed Norwegian sea kelp containing antioxidants for reducing plant stress and increasing drought tolerance. The inclusion of NanoRelease™ Technology in Nutri-Kelp sets it apart as an advanced and efficient solution for lawn care. This innovative technology is designed to optimize the absorption of nutrients by plants, ensuring the rich array of elements present in Nutri-Kelp is efficiently taken up by your lawn.

NanoRelease™ Technology enhances the bioavailability of nutrients, allowing plants to absorb them more effectively. This means the benefits of Nutri-Kelp, including its essential macronutrients, trace elements, and growth-promoting compounds, are maximized for stronger root systems and lusher foliage.

Creating a Powerful Formula

Nutri-Kelp's blend of 24% sea kelp and beneficial nutrients, combined with a notable potassium content, results in a powerful formula. This combo not only nourishes your lawn but also plays a crucial role in optimizing the soil's pH level. Maintaining the correct pH level is essential for the overall health of plants, protecting them and the soil from the potentially harmful effects of heat exposure.

Ideal for Various Applications

Nutri-Kelp isn't limited to just lawns; it's a versatile solution suitable for a range of applications. Whether you have cool or warm-season grass, plant beds, potted plants, trees, or gardens, Nutri-Kelp is a valuable addition to your gardening arsenal. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for homeowners with diverse landscaping needs.

When to Apply Nutri-Kelp

The timing of the Nutri-Kelp application is crucial for optimal results, and it's tailored to different lawn types and growing seasons.

  • Cool Season Lawns (e.g., Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Turf Type Tall Fescue): Apply Nutri-Kelp during the active growing months, which typically include spring and fall. This targeted application helps cool-season lawns thrive during periods of vigorous growth. 
  • Warm Season Lawns (e.g., Bermuda, Zoysia, St Augustine, Centipede, Bahia): For warm-season lawns, Nutri-Kelp is most effective as a late spring-to-summer addition. This timing aligns with the specific needs of warm-season grasses, enhancing the quality of your lawn and soil, particularly during the harsh conditions of the growing season.

Nutri-Kelp™ Analysis: 1-1-4

The nutrient analysis of Nutri-Kelp, indicated by the ratio 1-1-4 (N-P-K), highlights its balanced formulation. With moderate nitrogen (N), equal parts phosphorus (P), and a higher potassium (K) content, Nutri-Kelp provides a well-rounded approach to lawn nutrition, ensuring your plants receive the necessary components for robust growth, improved resilience, and overall vitality.

How Often Should I Apply Nutri-Kelp™ to My Lawn?

The frequency of applying liquid kelp to your lawn depends on various factors such as soil type, weather conditions, and the specific needs of your plants. As a general guideline, applying liquid kelp every two to four weeks during the growing season is recommended. However, it's crucial to monitor your lawn's response and adjust the frequency accordingly. 

Optimal Application of Nutri-Kelp: A Step-by-Step Guide for Success

Applying Nutri-Kelp to your lawn is a straightforward process that can be seamlessly integrated into your lawn care routine. We recommend utilizing a foliar spray method for efficient absorption, and the versatility of Nutri-Kelp allows it to be applied alone or tank mixed with other products, including other Mirimichi Green liquid fertilizers and biostimulants. Our extensive testing has shown no adverse interactions when combining Nutri-Kelp with our products.

Confirming Compatibility with Other Products: The Jar Test

Before applying a mixture to your entire lawn, we advise conducting a simple jar test to ensure compatibility with other products. This precautionary step involves combining the products in a small jar and observing for any adverse reactions before applying them on a larger scale.

You can apply granular fertilizer or Essential-G on the same day as Nutri-Kelp. However, we recommend applying granular fertilizer and Essential-G before Nutri-Kelp for optimal results. This sequence ensures your lawn receives the foundational nutrients and benefits from these products before the foliar application of Nutri-Kelp.

Nutri-Kelp plays well with other liquid products. Whether they’re biostimulants or Primo Maxx growth regulator, these can be added and sprayed at the same time as Nutri-Kelp. The compatibility of Nutri-Kelp with various liquid formulations allows you to create a comprehensive and customized lawn care regimen, addressing multiple aspects of plant health in a single application.

Example Application: 4000 sq ft Lawn with a 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

  • Fill the sprayer tank: Begin by filling the sprayer tank halfway with water.
  • Add Nutri-Kelp™: Add eight fluid ounces of Nutri-Kelp to the tank.
  • Additional products: If you're combining Nutri-Kelp with other products, such as fertilizer or Release 901C™, add them to the tank.
  • Agitate tank: Ensure thorough mixing by agitating the tank.
  • Complete water addition: Fill the sprayer tank with water until it's full.
  • Agitate again: Agitate the tank once more to guarantee a well-blended solution.
  • Spray lawn section: Apply the 4-gallon mixture to a 4000 sq. ft section of your lawn using the sprayer. A battery-powered 4-gallon sprayer with a TeeJet foliar spray tip is recommended for optimal coverage.

Nutri-Kelp does not require watering in. This innovative fertilizer works through foliar uptake, meaning the plant absorbs it through its leaves. After applying Nutri-Kelp to your lawn, simply allow it to dry naturally. The nutrients present in the formulation work their magic as they are absorbed by the leaves, promoting robust growth and overall plant health.


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The Only Weed You Want in Your Lawn is Seaweed 

Incorporating liquid kelp into your lawn care routine is a natural and effective way to foster a healthier, more resilient lawn. Its numerous benefits — from enriching soil structure to stimulating growth and boosting stress tolerance — make it a valuable addition for both novice and experienced gardeners. By choosing liquid kelp fertilizer, you not only invest in the well-being of your lawn but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to gardening. So, unlock the secret to a greener, more vibrant lawn by harnessing the power of liquid kelp. Your lawn will thank you for it.

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