The Best Insecticides for a Healthy Lawn

Achieving a vibrant, healthy golf course lawn is no mean feat. Adequate watering, mowing, and lawn fertilizers play a large part in keeping your lawn in pristine condition. After all, a healthy lawn is a stronger one — making it less susceptible to weeds, disease and pests. Sometimes, mother nature can get in the way, even if you have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood. Garden pests like white grubs and armyworms feed on grass — creating unwanted brown patches in your turf.

Garden insecticides shouldn’t be your first point of call. There are other reasons why lawn pests might be favoring your grass. To get to the bottom of your pest problems, read our helpful pest control guide. But, in some cases, no matter what you do — the pests keep on coming. In this case, you’ll need to be clued up on some of the best garden insecticides for spraying those bugs. Luckily, the Golf Course Lawn Store has your best interests at heart. Here’s some of the best garden insecticides you can get on the market.

Lawn Insecticides

Let’s get that effective treatment plan on the road. Not all garden insecticides are the same. They can be synthetic, organic, or a mixture of both. The golden rule of insecticide application is following the instructions found on the product label. It’s always a good idea to limit your skin’s exposure to any chemicals. Deck yourself out with a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, and shoes with socks. Also, we recommend wearing protective gloves and eyewear when you’re applying insecticides to your lawn.


Acelepryn is your go-to insecticide for season-long protection for warm and cool-season types of grass. The active ingredient in Acelepryn is chlorantraniliprole, which eliminates lawn-damaging insects, leaving bees and other pollinating insects unharmed. One of the main advantages of chlorantraniliprole, aside from killing pests, is that it isn’t toxic to people and animals. Also, it has a limited impact on the environment. Acelepryn is available in both liquid and granular forms. Both are equally potent, but granular can be easier to apply.


Acelepryn G Bag on Lawn

Acelepryn G

Introducing: Acelepryn G. It’s a granular insecticide that provides exceptional insect control from just one application. Amongst just some of the pests targeted are several caterpillar species, grubs, and armyworms. Apply for effective grub and armyworm control in April or May from just one application. Acelepryn G won’t target helpful pollinators and invertebrates like earthworms. This is the choice if you want to be eco-conscious while eliminating pests in your lawn.



Acelepryn SC on lawn

Acelepryn SC

Next up is the liquid insecticide, Acelepryn SC. Liquid insecticides are fast-acting, and this one’s no exception. Similar to its granular counterpart, Acelepryn SC doesn’t target useful insects and is environmentally friendly. That’s what makes Acelepryn an industry standard. But, before, it was only offered in larger quantities, which was expensive and excessive for residential homeowners. Now, we’re delighted to offer Acelepryn in a 4 oz volume, which is far more economical. Eliminate armyworms, white grubs, turf caterpillars, and more with a garden insecticide providing exceptional control from just a single application.



Non-Toxic Lawn Insecticide

Some of us are looking for a greener, organic insecticide option in an eco-conscious world. Mirimichi Green is a company focused on developing bio-based, sustainable lawn-care products which are highly effective. It’s time to go organic.


Mirimichi Green Non-Toxic Pest Control

Mirimichi Green Non-Toxic Pest Control has a proven efficacy rate of 80% in a 24-hour period, according to the World Health Organization. It’s made from all organic ingredients and has no temperature restrictions. It kills garden pests and larvae on contact, and insects won’t build immunity to this product. Rainfall does not affect this pest control’s potency, and added carbon helps facilitate ground penetration to target pests under the soil directly. Safe to spray around people and pets, it’s odorless and will protect from pests from 14-28 days. For a small investment, eliminate mosquitoes, fleas, ants, roaches, and more and do your bit for the planet. It’s that simple.



Say Goodbye to Lawn Pests

These are some of the best garden insecticides available to effectively target the pests ruining your lawn. For a more complete guide, check out our blog on pest control or learn how to eliminate billbugs and armyworms in your lawn. An important thing to remember is to identify the critters creating chaos before you even select an insecticide. Also, consider the type of grass you have and when to apply your insecticide to ensure effective results.

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