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PhytoKinetic.net is being acquired by GolfCourseLawn.store

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We are excited to share the news of our recent acquisition of PhytoKinetic.net, a domain formerly owned by a company specializing in designing green roofs for buses and other vehicles. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with our vision to expand our influence and impact within the realms of landscaping and aesthetics. Established in 2012 by Marc Grañén, a visionary landscape artist, the company’s mission was to infuse urban centers with natural elements. By incorporating PhytoKinetic.net domain into our portfolio, we are poised to unlock fresh opportunities in the field of landscaping and aesthetics. Our common goal of enhancing the environment through distinct avenues — recreational spaces and innovative green roofing solutions — further underscores the significance of this acquisition.


We admire the ingenuity and uniqueness behind the concept of green roofs for vehicles, which parallels our dedication to creativity. There exists a remarkable alignment between our offerings and the green roof system. Notably, products like biostimulants, soil amendments, and moisture managers from our range can be harnessed to bolster plant growth and vitality on these green roofs. Consequently, individuals intrigued by both concepts — be it lush golf course lawns or innovative bus rooftop greenery—will discover valuable insights at GolfCourseLawn.store.


About PhytoKinetic.net

PhytoKinetic.net used to be a domain name for a company that created green roofs for buses and other vehicles. It was established in 2012 by Marc Grañén, a landscape artist who had a vision of adding more greenery to urban areas. The company’s green roofs were installed on buses, vans, trucks, and trailers, using a system that did not require soil for the plants to grow. They emphasized several advantages of green roofs, such as: lowering the vehicles’ carbon impact, enhancing air quality, cooling off the buses’ inside, and creating a nice view for the passengers and the people on the streets. PhytoKinetic also collaborated with various organizations and institutions, such as schools, universities, museums, and botanical gardens, to promote environmental education and awareness.


About GolfCourseLawn.store

GolfCourseLawn is an online store that provides premium lawn care products and services for anyone who wants to achieve golf course grass at home. We are passionate about creating beautiful and healthy lawns that enhance the value and enjoyment of your property. We offer a wide range of products, such as fertilizers, soil test kits, fungicides, insecticides, weed killers, soil moisture managers, and more. We also offer a course that provides comprehensive training on how to get a golf course lawn at home. Our products are specially selected for easy application, quick results, and limited environmental impact. We pride ourselves on our long-standing expertise in the lawn care field and our dedication to ensuring our customers’ happiness and satisfaction.


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