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The liquids in the bundle are enough to treat your lawn for 3 months. The granular fertilizer and Essential-G quantities are enough to treat your lawn for 1 month.


Lawn Care Products

The first step in lawn care is discovering what your grass needs to be at its best. Browse our range of lawn care products to determine if you need biostimulants to maximize nutrient uptake or herbicides to fend off weeds

Lawn Fertilizers

Keep your lawn in premium condition and encourage strong, dense grass growth with our selection of lawn fertilizers. We stock liquid and granular fertilizers from industry leaders like Ecologel and Mirimichi Green to help you on your quest for golf course grass.

Mirimichi Green Biostimulants

A combination of liquid and granular products brought to you from Mirimichi Green. Improve soil quality and maximize nutrient uptake and reduce fertilization requirements. These biostimulants help create green grass and are non-toxic — safe for people and pets.

Weed Killer

Safely kill weeds in your lawn without killing your grass. Our collection of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are effective and easy to apply. We also offer organic weed control options for those looking for a non-toxic weed killer.

Fungicides & Insecticides

Are pests ruining your lawn? Check out our collection of non-toxic insecticides and fungicides. Quick and simple to apply, these lawn products are highly effective against pests while safe for people and pets. Browse products from Syngenta, such as Acelepryn G for grub and armyworm control.

Soil Test Kits & pH Adjustment

Find out exactly what’s going on under your lawn with soil testing. Our soil test kits provide accurate results within one week, and we also stock lawn products that can lower or raise your soil’s pH. Get more from your fertilizer applications while saving time and money

Soil Moisture Management

Lower your monthly water bill with our soil moisture managers. Use these products to reduce water requirements for your turf. Suitable for commercial or home lawn applications, achieve your golf course lawn with ease.

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If you want to take your lawn to the next level then this is the course for you. Excellent easy to...


This company that is run by RON, truly cares for your experience with them, they are to offer...

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Before I purchased the product I had a few questions I wanted answered. My...

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Ordering Our Lawn Care Products

If you’re looking for golf course lawn grass at home, look no further. Our lawn products have been specially selected for their quality and effectiveness. We offer free shipping within two business days on most of our products — saving you time and money.

Are you searching for additional lawn care tips and tricks? Take a look at our YouTube channel, where Ron breaks down the specifics of having the best lawn in your neighborhood. If you need a better understanding of taking care of your lawn, why not try our Golf Course Lawn Academy. Here, you’ll learn methods that produce results quickly with minimum damage to your grass.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Browse our collections to find the best lawn care products for healthy, happy grass. Go on, be the envy of your neighborhood.

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