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Improve the quality of your soil with Mirimichi Green’s biostimulants for lawns. At Golf Course Lawn Store, we stock a variety of liquid and granular sustainable biostimulant products to maximize the uptake of nutrients in your soil. 

Get one step closer to a golf course lawn with Mirimichi Green’s lawn biostimulants — specially selected to encourage green, vibrant grass. Choose from biostimulant products such as Essential-G™Release Zero, and the miraculous Release 901C™ formula. 

All of Mirimichi Green’s products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and do not require watering to activate. If you’re looking for more natural lawn-care products, we also offer organic weed control options for those who prefer non-toxic weed killers. 

Reduce your fertilization requirements and save on lawn-care costs to achieve a lawn that will dominate your neighborhood.

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Yard Mastery 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer
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  • $359.99

What Are Biostimulants?

To put it simply, a biostimulant has microorganisms and/or substances that encourage and stimulate plant growth. The aim of using biostimulants is to enhance nutrition efficiency, increase the plant’s stress tolerance (e.g. to environmental stress), and optimize plant health. Using lawn biostimulants reduces the need for lawn fertilizers and pesticides — so they’re a sustainable way to keep lawn-care costs down.

What Are the Different Types of Biostimulants?

Biostimulants usually come in two forms: sprayable liquids or spreadable granules. Granular biostimulants are easier to use — allowing higher rates of nutrients to be applied using a broadcast spreader. Liquid biostimulants are fast-acting, but precision is required during application. We recommend using a backpack sprayer and a turf dye indicator for application accuracy.

Varying ingredients in biostimulants provide different advantages, depending on what your lawn needs. Biostimulants containing seaweed extracts, such as Nutri-Kelp, promote plant growth and build tolerance against environmental stresses. Biostimulants with amino acids stimulate chlorophyll concentration, and fulvic and humic acids improve nutrient uptake. Complex biostimulant products contain a range of ingredients to target germination, chlorophyll production, environmental tolerance, and root development.

When Is the Best Time to Use Biostimulants for Your Lawn?

Unlike fertilizers, there’s no strict application schedule for biostimulants. However, drier conditions can make life a little more difficult for your lawn — causing disease and fertility problems. The spring is a good time to prepare your lawn for a long, hot summer (depending on where you’re based) by using biostimulant products to protect against disease and drought. Biostimulants containing amino acids often work best during the early spring, when the turf needs a growth boost after the winter.

Mirimichi Green Biostimulant FAQs

To help you choose the right biostimulant product for you, we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions to get you one step closer to a golf course lawn.

What’s the difference between fertilizers and biostimulants?

Biostimulants are a supplement for your lawn. Just as we take vitamins to boost certain processes within our bodies, biostimulants do the same job. Biostimulants can’t help your lawn utilize nutrients that aren’t already present in the soil; this is where fertilizers come in. Fertilizers add nutrients and minerals to the soil, which over time will be used up by your grass for photosynthesis. Fertilizers replace the essential nutrients your lawn needs. To find out what your soil might be lacking nutrients-wise, consider investing in a home soil pH test kit.

What is the best biostimulant?

There are many biostimulant products available, but one of our favorites is Mirimichi Green's Essential-G™. Essential-G consists of reclaimed coffee grounds, premium organics, humate, biochar, and silicon. All these natural, reclaimed waste stream inputs improve soil texture and increase nutrient and water retention. Essential-G will reduce soil compaction, drive deeper root growth for stronger grass, and provide a quick green-up recovery for stressed lawns. Apply anytime in the year, providing the ground isn’t frozen — usually in spring and fall to improve soil microbial activity.

Why should I buy lawn biostimulants from the Golf Course Lawn Store?

All of our lawn-care products have been tried and tested by our resident lawn-care geek, Ron Henry (just check out his YouTube channel). The lawn biostimulant products we’ve selected have been chosen due to their ease of application, safety, and proven efficacy. Golf Course Lawn Store is a place to share DIY lawn-care knowledge with homeowners who want to improve the condition of their lawn. Many of the best lawn-care products are reserved for the professional lawn-care industry, which is where Golf Course Lawn bridges the gap. We think lawn-care maintenance should be accessible to everyone, so we’ve compiled the best products in the industry — many used by professionals. You can feel reassured our biostimulants will produce incredible results and are kind to the environment.

For more tips and tricks on how to get a vibrant, deep-green lawn and become the envy of your neighborhood, head over to our blog or enroll on our lawn academy course.