Golf Course Lawn (20-2-3) Liquid Fertilizer with Kelp and Fulvic Acid

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Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 is a premium nitrogen fertilizer for anyone that wants the best for their lawn. This custom fertilizer blend delivers excellent turf response and color in just 2 - 3 days. Our 20-2-3 is an ideal product for foliar spoon feeding. No need to water in. Simple spray and go on with your day! This replaces TurfPlex.

  • Delivers excellent turf and color response in 2 - 3 days
  • Premium choice for foliar feeding 
  • No need to water in after application
  • Includes seaweed extract and fulvic acid for faster nutrient uptake

Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 is our custom blended fertilizer that produces a fast color response in all grass types. We designed this fertilizer for folks that want an excellent liquid fertilizer to feed your grass what it needs in a single product.  There's no need to water in after application.

To improve soil quality we also added seaweed extract and fulvic acid. Apply monthly or every 2 weeks for best lawn on your street. 

Chelated nutrients improve availability and uptake to produce more vigorous turf. It's an excellent source ofNPK, Ca, Fe, Mn, Mg, and Zn.

Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 liquid fertilizer is meant to be a supplementary growth stimulator in the golf course lawn program so you want to use it when your turf is in growth mode. 

For cool season lawns, (Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Turf Type Tall Fescue), this is going to be all spring and fall.

For warm season lawns, (Bermuda, Zoysia, St Augustine, Centipede and Bahia), this is a great early spring through early fall fertilizer. The formulation supports feeding your lawn and soil throughout the entire growing season.

Why Use Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3?

  1. Fast green up using 20% nitrogen
  2. Includes micronutrients for a more complete feeding package
  3. Ideal for lawn spoon feeding which improves consistency
  4. Excellent for all grass types

Analysis: 20-2-3 (Ca .03%, Fe .75%, Mg .05%, Mn .05%, Zn .05%)

Active Ingredients: (Fulvic Acid .6%, Kelp Extract 2%)

Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 can be used on all grass types, such as the following:

Cool Season Lawns - Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf Type Tall Fescue (all fescues), Ryegrass
Warm Season Lawns - Bermuda, St Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, Bahia

We recommend applying Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 through foliar spray. It can applied alone or tank mixed with other products. We have tested Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 with our liquid fertilizers and biostimulants and observed no adverse interactions.

Confirm compatibility with other products using a jar test.

One gallon of Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 contains 2.12 lbs. of nitrogen

Label: Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 Label

Application: Battery-powered 4 gallon sprayer with  TeeJet foliar spray tip recommended.

When to Apply: Whenever your grass is actively growing. Top dressing and aeration does not reduce product effectiveness.

Product is safe for warm and cool season lawns.


  • 1 gallon covers 21,000 square feet.
  • 2.5 gallons covers 53,000 square feet.

Application rates:

Depending on other available nitrogen sources a rate of 6.0 - 7.5 ounces of Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 per 1000 square feet will support a bimonthly spoon feeding program.

This results in a total application of .20 -.25lbs of high quality nitrogen to your lawn.

For most lawns, we recommend an application rate of 6 oz. per 1000 square feet. Read the product label for additional guidance on Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 application rates.

Does Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 need to be watered in?

  • No. Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 works via foliar uptake. Simply spray your lawn and allow it to dry.

Can I apply granular fertilizer or Essential-G on the same day as Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3?

  • Yes. We recommend that granular fertilizer and Essential-G be applied before Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3.

Can I apply other liquids and Golf Course Lawn 20-2-3 on the same day?


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