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Our lawn-care course comprises seven modules — from lawn care equipment to topdressing. The modules are made up of lawn care videos with self-paced instruction, so that you can follow each step easily. You’ll find everything you need to know about lawn care on this course. At Golf Course Lawn, we’re passionate about sharing our professional lawn care knowledge with everyone. We believe everyone should have access to same information professionals use to grow their turfgrass career. The course shows you how to grow an incredible lawn.

Your online lawn care course will include:



First off, you’ll get an introduction from our founder, Ron Henry. In the video, you’ll learn how Golf Course Lawn started and a summary of the seven steps to lawn success — which each module will cover in detail.

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1. The Process

Next, we’ll move on to the process, which will prepare you to start your lawn maintenance. For example, the kinds of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) you’ll need and how to measure your lawn.

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2. Lawn Care Equipment

A vital component of lawn care is the kind of equipment you use. In this module, we’ll look at broadcast and backpack sprayer tips and which equipment you should use to get a golf course lawn.

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3. Soil Improvement

Did you know that having healthy soil is essential to growing healthy grass? It’s all about what you feed it, like our own health. This module will focus on soil testing and managing the levels of macro and micronutrients in your soil. We’ll look at how to improve your soil with fertilizers and your upcoming schedule for lawn care maintenance.

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4. Mowing

Another secret to the ultimate green space is mowing regularly. But if you’re also looking to create amazingly aesthetic lawn stripes, this module is for you.

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5. Watering

Depending on where you’re based, watering your lawn can be expensive. This module will look at the most efficient ways to water your lawn and how to use soil moisture managers to improve moisture retention.

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6. Weed Control

The arch-nemesis of the lawn care enthusiast, weeds can ruin the appearance of your lawn. Find out how to apply a pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killer and how to get rid of weeds in warm-season lawns.

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7. Top Dressing

Top dressing is spreading a thin layer of compost or other soil amendments to your lawn. In this module, you’ll learn top dressing techniques in a helpful guide to conclude your golf course lawn education!

If you enjoy this course, leave a review and send us some pictures of your results! We’d love to hear from you. If you’re looking for more lawn care video content from Ron, check out our YouTube channel.

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