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Need to safely kill weeds in your lawn? Our collection of pre-emergents and post-emergent herbicides are among the best weed killers that won't kill grass. They are effective against common lawn weeds like dandelions, clover, crabgrass and much more.

Our herbicides are available in granular and liquid form. They are safe, easy to apply, and a great investment for a weed free lawn.

We have conveniently divided them into cool season and warm season categories, making it easy for you to know which weed killer is correct and safe for your grass. 

We also have organic weed control options for customers desiring non-toxic weed killer.

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Celsius WG herbicide
Celsius WG Broadleaf and Grassy Weed Control for Warm Season Turf
  • $149.99
  • $147.99
Certainty Herbicide
Certainty Herbicide - 1.25 oz -Sedge and Poa Annua Control
  • $130.99
  • $115.99
Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker Non-Ionic Surfactant - 16 oz
  • $19.99
  • $17.99
Triad Broadleaf herbicide
Broadleaf Weed Control - Triad Select 3-Way Herbicide
  • $44.99
  • From $42.99
Mesotrione MESO 4SC Select - Tenacity Alternative
Mesotrione MESO 4SC Select - Tenacity Alternative
  • $69.99
  • $67.99
HALO Select™ - Halsulfuron (Brand Alternative - SedgeHammer)
HALO Select - Halsulfuron Nutsedge Weed Killer
  • $19.99
  • From $16.99
Organic Weed & Grass Control Spray
Organic Weed Killer - Ready to Use Spray
  • $34.99
  • $29.99

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Dihiopyr pre-emergent granular
Dithiopyr .172% Pre-Emergent Herbicide with Fertilizer 0-0-7
  • $63.99