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Are weeds getting in the way of you achieving a show-stopping golf course lawn? If they are, eliminate them safely with our collection of pre and post-emergent weed killers.

We have conveniently divided our weed killers into cool and warm-season categories, making it easy for you to choose which weed killer is safe to use on your grass.

The most effective long-term solution for weed control is to have a healthy lawn in the first place. Using fertilizers, biostimulants, and soil moisture managers can help keep your lawn in top condition, reducing the risk of unwanted invaders. If your lawn is flourishing and happy, weeds will have difficulty competing with your grass for nutrients and resources.

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Dithiopyr .125% Dimension Pre-Emergent Herbicide w/ Fertilizer 0-0-7
  • $74.99
  • $67.99