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The Golf Course Lawn Store's Mirimichi Green collection is a combination of liquid and granular products to improve the quality of your soil which maximizes nutrient uptake.  Products in the collection include Essential G, CarbonizPN, Release Zero, Nutri-Kelp, ByoSpxtrum and Release 9-0-1C

They reduce fertilization requirements, create green grass and leave you with a lawn that dominates your neighborhood.

All products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and do not require watering in to activate.  We even offer organic weed control options for customers desiring non-toxic weed killer.

2 products found in Mirimichi Green Biostimulants

Essential G Soil Enhancer
Essential-G™ - Granular Soil Compost and Biochar
  • $69.99
  • $59.99
Essential-G™ - 2000 Lb Super Sack (50 Bag Equivalent)
  • $1,689.99